About Us

  • A great team formed only by professionals
  • The model coach is in charge of training and continuous education
  • The photography and video team always shows the best facet of our models

About Us

Grupo Bedoya is a modern and dynamic company formed by a team of professionals with experience in the development, management, consulting of websites and in general everything related to videochat. Our main mission is to create, improve, provide services and security to our clients so they can manage the most profitable business of the moment


Our legally established company with experience since 2002. Initially created after a market studio in which we came to the conclusion that contemporary ideas were fully exploited. For this reason, we assume the task of creating a company in an innovative area. From the beginning, our interest has been to get involved in all areas of adult entertainment. First we made ourselves known by creating a videochat studio from which we produced and transmitted the image of our models internationally. We quickly become a secure and progressive source of income for our employees and their families.


Our commitment is to provide knowledge, support, seriousness, fulfillment to models studios and all our associates, which undoubtedly translates into economic stability, continuous growth to meet individual and group goals. To achieve this, we have a great team of professionals in different areas who, with their hard work, have positioned us as one of the most important companies in the industry


We are qualified to develop and execute projects and activities, applying the methods that allow us to make the best decisions that will lead us to a good national and international positioning


Our model trainers are the most professional in the industry, they will help you become a professional model and earn a lot of money


We have bilingual monitors that will help you with foreign users, and at the same time be aware of your image, your dressing room and that you do not violate the rules of the pages


Our professional photographers use the best techniques to recreate environments and situations where all these elements are combined in an attractive way


We have a group of professional producers who are experts in video production and editing, who will work with an idea and an initial script producing exceptional videos

Make-up artist

We have professionals trained in providing the best advice on your look, in order to improve it to become a professional model

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